Tuesday, June 17, 2008

OmegaWiki mark II

It has been relatively silent around OmegaWiki, this silence however is very deceptive. Much hard work has gone into preparing for a new codebase for OmegaWiki. The new code has to deliver new functionality in order to justify the huge investment in time and money.

Why change..
  • The existing user interface and the database routines are very much etwined, we want to separate them
  • We want to provide services based on the OmegaWiki data, we will provide an XML interface into the data
  • The underlying technology has changed a lot; we are using the bleeding edge of the MySQL database
  • Our data can be used for applications; we will provide a way to separate data that is of general interest and data that is not
  • For some applications it is really helpful when the data can be used in an off-line environment; we will provide a way of synchronising databases
  • There is more ...
The first data in the OmegaWiki Mark-II environment is now available. It is converted data from OmegaWiki; it is the DefinedMeanings with a SynTrans record in English.. You can find it here.

At the bottom you find a document explaining about the API; it is written in the Open Office format..

Enjoy, have fun and tell us what you think of it. The data is experimental so we will replace it with more data at a later time.

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