Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Getting a better look and feel ..

The vocabulary trainer was introduced... It looked awful; it now has been improved considerably. Like we wrote last time, it is open source and it is being worked on. One of the things on the "must have" details .... localisation :)


rsperberg said...

I think the Vocabulary trainer is a great new feature.

I'm not sure where I should post information on my experience using it -- is there a page at Omegawiki to put things like "putting in a number in Other for the number of words to test doesn't work" or "the List Answers option includes every previous version of the (English) definition as well as the current version"?

I haven't encountered any true bugs, but I have a few ideas for improving the app as it progresses from beta to production tool.

Thanks for getting this done!

Roger Sperberg

GerardM said...

You can publish in the "International Beer Parlour" on OmegaWiki, you can reply here.. You can mail me :)

I love to hear your ideas :)