Saturday, December 30, 2006


Today it was in the news that Saddam Hussein was executed. He was no choir boy, there was a trial. Many people are happy with his death, many people are unhappy with his death. I do not want to express my opinion; it is not relevant.

With occasions like this, it is important that the words that can be associated with such an event are understood and available in resources like OmegaWiki. The words that are in news items are the words that need to be explained. The figures as they exist for Wikipedia show that the articles that are most visited are to do with sex, sport and news. I expect that this is also true for a dictionary. There are no statistics that I am aware of.

The word of the day for tomorrow could be gallows but I think that such a word on the last day of the year is a bit much.. Justice is much more appropriate.


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