Sunday, December 24, 2006

It is the night before Christmas

On the night before Christmas many people are full of anticipation of the presents that Christmas will bring. For OmegaWiki, we hope / expect that we will be able to have part of speech support. The software has been coded. The waiting is for the final touches and to see it enabled in OmegaWiki. Leftmost does a sterling job for us..

In order to get here, many hurdles were taken. First there was a need to have default behaviour. This led to the sample sentence functionality. With the part of speech functionality, we can have a list of values, we have functionality that is dependent on the language it applies to.

With the implementation of the functionality, there will be a need to identify what parts of speech exist in a language. This meta data needs boot strapping, so we hope people will add the parts of speech to the languages they know well. We hope that they do this well because correcting meta data is problematic.

عيد الميلاد السعي geseënde kerfees Sretan Božić Καλά Χριστούγεννα


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