Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A flurry of activities

With the new part of speech functionality, OmegaWiki sees a lot of activity of another kind. For the first languages some of the parts of speech have been indentified. The system is by necessity laborious; all the parts of speech have to be identified for all languages because we do not assume that a particular part of speech exists in a language.

did a lot of work on identifying the parts of speech for the Dutch language. As a consequence we do not only have the "verb" but also the "copula". The idea is that when people know how to identify a verb as a verb, they can and may. When someone is able to identify more precisely, they can. In the mean time, when we get functionality for inflecting verbs, it should work on both.

Having functionality come on-line in small bytes, is in line with the motto of Open Source/Free Software; publish often. It really helps. I can imagine the many refinements and expansions on what we have at the moment. It is relevant to realize that our software is still very much pre-alpha. It is not complete, but it demonstrates how the functionality is growing making our dream a reality.


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