Saturday, March 24, 2012

Installing and developing OmegaWiki made easier

Since several people willing to help already lost their courage during installation - when it was asked to install the 700MB-big SQL database - I have created an install script that automatically creates a minimal Wikidata (OmegaWiki) database.

The steps are explained at the following page:

Instead of several hours, it now takes a few minutes to have a working development version of OmegaWiki.

For those who wants to have a true copy of the OmegaWiki website, with the entire data, this is still possible and explained at:

For those people out there who have been complaining about missing features for the last 5 years or so: I am sure that in 5 years you have had largely enough time to learn PHP and MySql, and you will now be able to easily and happily develop the features yourself!! :-)

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