Thursday, July 28, 2011

Random expression

The link to show a random expression is now working as expected.

You can try it on the website (left panel) or with the link below:

I got bugenwilla , it even has an image :-)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

SQL dump with only lexical data

For people only interested in our lexical data, but not to create their own copy of the OmegaWiki website (including the wiki pages), there is now a dump called "lexical data dump".


Until now, the only option was to download a full SQL dump containing all the data (except for private user data). The full dump is large (more than 1GB uncompressed) and it takes a long time to process. The lexical data dump is much smaller (around 175MB uncompressed).

Sunday, July 10, 2011

OmegaWiki database explained

This week-end, I have written the documentation of the tables used by WikiData and OmegaWiki. As far as I know, we were missing this kind of documentation.

It can be consulted at:

For anybody interested in the technical aspect: have a look, correct the mistakes, ask for clarifications or sample MySQL queries, etc. :-)

I hope it helps.


Saturday, July 09, 2011

More than 300 languages

At OmegaWiki, it is now possible to add definitions and translations in more than 300 languages.

Today were added the following languages.
- Assyrian Neo-Aramaic
- Bikol Central
- Central Aymara
- Chamorro
- Filipino
- Jingpho
- Northern Sami

Among all our languages :
- 227 have more than 10 words
- 122 have > 100 words
- 55 have > 1.000 words
- 11 have > 10.000 words
 and English is getting close to 50.000.

We also have definitions in more than 100 languages (though not for all concepts... all help is welcome)

For more statistics, visit the statistics page.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Subscribing to the Word of the Day

Since the beginning of OmegaWiki, in 2005, we have had a Word of the Day, almost every day.

The Word of the Day is displayed on the main page and is a nice invitation to contribute, either by adding translations, definitions, an image, or any other information.

From now on, it is possible to subscribe to the Word of the Day, either via Facebook, or with an RSS feed (generated by Facebook). The word of the day is also displayed on the right of this blog. Of course you are all welcome to subscribe and contribute ;-)

Today, the word of the day is mac 'n' cheese . It is something I ate recently. Very good when you don't care about your weight...

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Main Page design changed

MediaWiki 1.17 came with the pretty Vector skin. This skin has the search field on top, and consequently I removed the pre-existing search area on top of the main page.

Then I centered the title, played a bit with the css border-radius, removed the boxes that nobody uses, and resized the looong list of language portals so that it takes more width (and less height).

Here is how it should look on modern browsers:

You can visit and have a look! If you see squares where it should be round, you need to upgrade your browser...

The main pages for the other languages need to be updated as well. You can help! For the few languages where it was already up to date with the last version, it will not be too much of an effort. For the other ones, it requires a bit more time, but it is not complicated.

We are also planning on adding a section "Did you know?", updated e.g. daily, with interesting facts on words of all languages and interdependencies between languages. More on that later!