Friday, October 14, 2011

The combobox does not ignore you

If you have edited OmegaWiki, you probably know about this annoying little bug where you want to select a language, type in some letters, but the list of languages that appears ignores the letters that you typed. This happened particularly when the server is busy. The "solution" was then to either add an extra letter, or remove one and put it back to make the system aware that you typed something.

Well, this bug has just been solved!

Now, when the combobox has finished displaying its list, it compares it with what is now typed in the field, and if something new has been typed, it refreshes the list consequently; and you get less annoyed.

As an experimental experiment, I have also changed the delay between when you type and when the list is generated to 100ms instead of 500ms.

Feedbacks welcome.

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