Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Aklanon ...

Aklanon is a language spoken in the Philipines. The ISO-639-3 code is "akl" and according to a 1990 census some 394.545 people speak this language.

On OmegaWiki, Aklanon has its own portal and I was really thilled when Chief Mike indicated his interest in working on the Aklanon content. We do want Aklanon but we also have our own standards. One of these standards is that the Babel templates for a language are in that language. I really appreciate the notion that the Babel templates have to be understood however, the Babel templates are one of the first things that we hope to get in any language.

When we have the Aklanon Babel templates in Aklanon, it will be a privilege to have Aklanon as the next language that we support in OmegaWiki.


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Chief Mike aka:Mike Kouklis said...

Hi to all, I'm Mike Kouklis currently retired to Brgy. MOBO "Rural:Philippines" actually it's just outside of Kalibo, Aklan Proper.
I'm usually found sitting at the Kalibo Public Library or various I-Net cafe's around town please say hello "kumesta" and lets help bring Aklanon to the rest of the world!