Wednesday, February 06, 2013

See only the languages you want to see

OmegaWiki supports more than 400 languages. While we are happy that some words, such as "head" and "apple" have more than 100 translations, we can imagine that not everybody is interested in seeing all translations. Many people only want to see the few languages that they actually speak, and do not care about the rest.

And this is now possible :-)

There is an option in the user preferences (see image below) where the user can select the languages he is interested in, so that all the other languages are hidden.

This is done by:
- selecting the languages from the list of all languages available at omegaWiki
- checking the checkbox on top, in bold "Show only the selected languages".
This second checkbox acts as a switch, allowing to quickly enable/disable language filtering without each time going through the list of languages and selecting/unselecting each language.

Also, if you restrict the number of languages, the pages will load faster (in particular when editing).

To avoid blank pages, and since many words are at least translated in English, it is best to always have English selected. You could also try with Spanish instead of English, it is the second best candidate in terms of number of translations.


Veeven said...

Much awaited feature. Thanks!

రహ్మానుద్దీన్ షేక్ said...

Good feature!