Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Give us your support for merging with Wikimedia

So... regarding having OmegaWiki become one of the Wikimedia projects...

The following pages have been redrafted:

Only with a sufficient number of support will the idea actually be considered by the Wikimedia Foundation.

As you might know, OmegaWiki is currently privately hosted. There are two problems with this:
- the server is slow, because faster servers cost more money which we don't have
- and without an organization supporting us, we cannot receive donations.

The WMF would be a perfect choice to host us.

However, if you know about another non-profit organization which shares the noble ideal of free-knowledge-for-all and which might be interested in supporting OmegaWiki (which means basically hosting the website and providing a structure for receiving donations), please mention it.



ZeaForUsBlog said...

A link is posted on Babylon's TalkPage at Meta as well

ZeaForUsBlog said...

A link can be found at Babylon's TalkPage (Meta) as well

Kipcool said...

Thank you!