Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Main Page design changed

MediaWiki 1.17 came with the pretty Vector skin. This skin has the search field on top, and consequently I removed the pre-existing search area on top of the main page.

Then I centered the title, played a bit with the css border-radius, removed the boxes that nobody uses, and resized the looong list of language portals so that it takes more width (and less height).

Here is how it should look on modern browsers:

You can visit http://www.omegawiki.org and have a look! If you see squares where it should be round, you need to upgrade your browser...

The main pages for the other languages need to be updated as well. You can help! For the few languages where it was already up to date with the last version, it will not be too much of an effort. For the other ones, it requires a bit more time, but it is not complicated.

We are also planning on adding a section "Did you know?", updated e.g. daily, with interesting facts on words of all languages and interdependencies between languages. More on that later!

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Anonymous said...

Looks much better and cleaner now. Working on the "Did you know" section...