Sunday, May 20, 2007

Annotations, hyphenations and IPA

On OmegaWiki we aannotate. In addition to the sample sentences, it is now possible to add hyphenations. A thank you to Sean Burke and Kim Bruning who made this possible.. :)

It is also possible to include the International Phonetic Alphabet or IPA. On the one hand we should feel confident that people will do good. On the other hand, a lot of the IPA notations out there are not useful because they assume that the persons using it have a specific background.

In OmegaWiki we have a public that is truly multi-lingual. This is best experienced when you change the user preferences to another language. Most of the language labels may be shown in the selected language. The consequence of a multi-lingual public is that only IPA notations without language specific shortcuts are useful.

I am sure that you have an opinion about this, we hope to learn your arguments ..


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