Friday, May 25, 2007

After a week of hacking, testing !!

A lot of work has been done on the OmegaWiki functionality. We have been working on functionality that is of importance to the organisations that we hope to collaborate with.

There were several issues that we have dealt with:
  • Support multiple "data-sets" within a single OmegaWiki installation. These sets can be used to store imported "authoritative databases," such as scientific databases.
  • Users can navigate within a data-set or choose a different one to look at. The default set can be configured globally, for a user group, or for an individual user.
  • Different data-sets can have different permission levels.
  • DefinedMeanings in different data-sets that are identical (describing the same concept) can be mapped to each other.
  • When data is imported, we can choose which data-set to import it into.
There are several parts of the puzzle that are still missing; we are however at a stage where we need to test our data. So we are going to make this functionality go live soon. The first thing is to know that after all the database changes and much refactored functionality everything still works.

The next thing will be to experiment with a first authoritative or additional database. The obvious first resources are the GEMET collection and the ISO-639-6 collection. This is all in preparation of more partners that will be collaborating in the OmegaWiki environment.

More functionality will be implemented in the coming weeks:
  • The possibility to add multiple values without having having to reload the editor each time
  • Allowing for annotations that are dependent on previously set values; this will for the first time provide us with terminological functionality
  • More functionality is in the pipe line, I think you will love it when we have it :)

PS It was a fun week, we had a day with a negative number of lines added. We had to change functionality to enable the software to run under Windows. To relax, I have read several chapters of Accelerando. It was fun to watch Kim and Erik work together, my appreciation for both grew. It was gratifying to see my dream become more of a reality :)

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