Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Stichting Open Progress

Stichting Open Progress is the Dutch not for profit organisation that is the legal organisation behind OmegaWiki. As OmegaWiki is growing to the extend where we have to consider contracts for hosting, grants and the like, we had a need for an organisation.

The need for an organisation was also felt as we already had some projects where we would have been better able to do things when there was a legal entity backing up the activities. Some of these projects are quite substantial.

Open Progress aims to develop both Open Source/Free Software and Open Content/Free Content projects. As part of its mission it gives room for projects that are aligned with the aims of the stichting. Obviously OmegaWiki is the first; from an organisational point of view, the OmegaWiki commission decides on the issues that arise. Resolution will be enacted for the project by the stichting provided they are in line with the Dutch law and, provided they do not circumvent the aims of the stichting. This way Open Progress hopes to make OmegaWiki a safe haven where people and organisations work in the understanding that the aims of the project will be respected.

There are two websites for OpenProgress; in line with the experiences of the Wikimedia Foundation, we have both an internal and an external wiki. The internal will use Semantic MediaWiki to leverage as much as possible the information that we will include. As the information will include both personal information and confidential project information, the internal will be invite only.

Gerard Meijssen
voorzitter Stichting Open Progress

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