Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Using OmegaWiki for professional translation services

I just received a short job from Italian to German, subject tourism. This is the moment to test how easy it can be to work with OW data and to update it. I will definitely let you know afterwards. For now I downloaded the General Dictionary and the OFWB (Online Technical Dictionary) data in TSV-format and import it in my CAT-Tool, which in this case is going to be one of my favourites: DéjàVu X2 (there it is a bit more complicated to get the glossary in than with OmegaT). ... Well, let's see ... I'll tell you about my experience.


Anonymous said...

Some to months later ... how about an intermediate update?

Michael Beijer said...

Hi Sabine,

Where can I download this General Dictionary and OFWB (Online Technical Dictionary) data in TSV format you mentioned, so I can test importing it into my CAT tool?


Michael Beijer said...
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