Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Back to OmegaWiki

It's quite some time now I did not edit on OmegaWiki, and during that time we, mainly Outi and me, organised translations for a basic dictionary for children. Many people around the world contributed to these translations. I hope, we still have all names, since they will be on the "Children's Dictionary" project page of OmegaWiki. Right now I am adapting IDs the entries of my table are associated with the OmegaWiki ID and once we have that the collected data can be uploaded. This means right now I do have quite some work and it probably will take some months, BUT once done: things will become much easier.
Of course there are also other data sources I have in tables here, but all need to be checked and compared to what is already online. One step at a time :-)
So if you feel like contributing: please do so online or get in touch with me and I can provide you with the data export to be edited for the Children's dictionary.


Dinika Saxena said...

seems like a pretty cool idea to me.
But how am I to contribute?

Sabine Cretella said...

Hi Dinika, would you like to add translations in your language? Or annotations to existing ones like "noun, verb etc."? If so, I'll try to get you a step by step "how-to" and by asking questions you will get the right answers.

Sabine Cretella said...

One more note: if you wish to add translations to a specific language I can also get you a file where to add these translations and we can then upload it. For example the part of the Children's dictionary to start off with :-)