Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Wikidata proposal

Denny, one of the programmers behind Wikidata, has written a proposal of how Wikidata could be extended to support lexical data, with the ultimate goal to be integrated with the various Wiktionaries.

What do you think?

Some notes:
- it is only a proposal, as far as I know, there is not yet a budget or a person to implement those changes;
- it conflicts with the Adopt OmegaWiki proposal, which also proposed to integrate with the Wiktionaries, and therefore would probably be opposed to by several contributors of the biggest Wiktionaries for the same reasons;
- Wikidata being an official WMF project, any extension of it would be also a WMF project (I guess?);
- if ever Wikidata supports lexical data, a migration of data from OmegaWiki to Wikidata (or in the other direction) is very easy, since both would be relational databases and concept oriented - contrary to a migration of Wiktionary data to OW or Wikidata, which is more complex. But that will be discussed in due time if necessary.
- In the meantime, OmegaWiki is already there, and the Wikidata proposal is not ;-)

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