Monday, May 27, 2013

Lexical annotations displayed more prominently

In OmegaWiki, we make the distinction between lexical annotations and semantic annotations.
* semantic annotations are information about a concept. They do not depend on the language, but rather on the meaning. For example an image illustration is the same for all languages. Also, if "dictionary" is a hyponym of "book", it is also true that in French "dictionnaire" is a hyponym of "livre".
* lexical annotations, on the contrary, are information about a specific word of a specific language. This include grammatical data, pronunciations, etymology, etc.

An extensive List of annotations can be consulted on the website.

In a dictionary, it is usually expected that lexical annotations are displayed on top. In OmegaWiki, it used to be that these annotations only appeared when you click on the annotation column in the translation lists. They were so well hidden that several people concluded that we just did not include such information.

This has been improved a few months ago. Now, here is how the definition of "dictionary" looks with the interface in English: 

click for a better view

For a word in Mandarin, it would display its pinyin (when available). For example, 键盘 with the interface in French:

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