Friday, January 23, 2009

Malafaya had an itch

OmegaWiki suffered for quite some time from a missing functionality. Its annotations had gone away. This was really frustrating. Especially because nobody was looking after the maintenance of the OmegaWiki mark I database. This annoyance became too much and Malafaya started to look into the code. He found and fixed the problem.

Apparently it felt really good, and as there was this other annoyance, he had another look at the code. The trick will be to get the code in SVN. Once it is in SVN, updating OmegaWiki should not be a problem.


Anonymous said...

And which SVN repository would that be? Wikimedias? If so, just send me the code.

GerardM said...

Thank you :) Siebrand was helpful and he both submitted to the Wikimedia SVN and committed the code to OmegaWiki. It works perfectly :)

Given that Malafaya has commit access for Pywikipedia, it should be not that hard to extend this to MediaWiki..

Purodha said...

It is even easier than that. He has had write access to the MediaWiki repository already.