Monday, April 16, 2007


The nice thing of statistics is that when there is a milestone, it can be celebrated. It is with pleasure that I can announce that OmegaWiki now has one language with 15.000 words. It is German that has currently the most expressions. There are currently 213.550 Expressions in 133 languages.

For OmegaWiki it demonstrates that we have a nice autonomous growth. Of the languages that we started after the import of the GEMET data, Japanese currently has the highest number with almost 4.000 words. Esperanto is with some 1.500 the biggest artificial language.

You can help us with translations for the language names that we have translations in. This will improve the usability of our data when the user interface is selected in the language of people's mother tongue.

OmegaWiki is still in need of more functionality. This is something that we try to achieve in any way possible. It is however rewarding to notice what difference the existing functionality makes.

I am very happy with what we have achieved so far. It bodes well for the future :)



GerardM said...

I asked Kipcool how many DefinedMeanings we have.. It transpired that there are currently 15.113 DefinedMeanings.

To me it is proof that there must be many DMs where we have synonyms in German.. I know that there are more than 113 DM's without a German translation :)


Anonymous said...

Dear GerardM,

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